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SYMPTOM:Open sores in the mouth,Pain or discomfort in the mouth
ACTION:relieve mouth pain
DOSAGE:1 types of medicine, powder
PERIOD: medicines for 1week
NOTE :This is a traditional medicine if symptom persist,please consult a doctor,keep in cool and dry place.
INGREDIENTS :Natural herbs
CONTRAINDICATION :Children below 1 year old are contraindicated

Dr's Notes: For the above medicine, the main formula is to improve gastro system . It takes few days to a week to recover depends on the individual conditions. The effects can be seen after a few days of medications

TANDA-TANDA:sakit atau ketidakselesaan di dalam mulut
TINDAK BALAS:menggurangkan sakit mulut
KUANTITI:3O ml,3 kali sehari
JANGKA MASA:2 minggu
NOTA:ini adalah perubatan tradisional,menyimpan di tempat yang sejuk dan kering.untuk sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi doktor
RAMUAN:ubat semulajadi
KETIDAKSESUAIAN:kanak-kanak berumur 1 tahun ke bawah dilarang
KEBERKESANAN: Ubat dan rawatan ini adalah khas untuk permasalahan ini.
For Imformation Please Call
: 0124520077 (Dr.Wong)
Online Consultation Jumpa Doktor dalam Talian 网上看病

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